Hyundai Motor Organization : Shareholders Board Members Managers And Firm Profile Kr7005380001

Hyundai personnel and/or dealership personnel can not modify or take away critiques. Hyundai started as a construction firm founded by Chung Ju Yung in 1947. The business operated within South Korea till 1965, when it initiated a road building project in Thailand that marked the beginning of its development into a multinational conglomerate. There, he shaped the design and style language of the Group’s different brands decisively. Among his most…Read More

Hyundai Motor’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Event

Join us on our journey to a sustainable world with customer engagement events for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup ™ Hyundai Motor’s Goal of the Century campaign On Earth Day on April 22, Hyundai Motor launched the Goal of the Century campaign, which means that it will take the lead in creating a sustainable world with people around the world who have united in soccer to realize carbon neutrality…Read More

The Best Hyundai Motor Company

One out of 10 cars sold in Europe in the first half of this year were from Hyundai Motor Group, the report showed. With the performance of other automakers generally sluggish due to supply and demand difficulties for automotive semiconductors, Hyundai Motor and Kia rather increased their sales, setting a semi-annual record in the European market, and their ranking also jumped to third place, beating Renault. According to the European…Read More