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Hyundai Motor’s 2022 FIFA World Cup Event

Join us on our journey to a sustainable world with customer engagement events for the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup ™ Hyundai Motor’s Goal of the Century campaign

On Earth Day on April 22, Hyundai Motor launched the Goal of the Century campaign, which means that it will take the lead in creating a sustainable world with people around the world who have united in soccer to realize carbon neutrality at the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™.

From July, we will hold various customer participation events that customers can participate and enjoy. Please participate in the customer participation event where you can receive various World Cup campaign souvenirs as gifts along with the opportunity to visit Qatar where the FIFA World Cup ™ is held, and participate in Hyundai Motor’s journey to create a sustainable world.

Members of Team Century, which leads the campaign, including legendary soccer player and top captain Steven Gerrard and BTS, the world’s most influential global artist, will also join the customer engagement program of the century’s goal campaign.

Global test drive

In commemoration of the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™, Hyundai Motor will run a global test drive centered on eco-friendly vehicles such as Ioniq 5 at corporations and dealerships around the world from July to September. The Global Test Drive is Hyundai Motor’s representative World Cup customer participation program that has been held every FIFA World Cup season ™. During the 2018 FIFA World Cup ™, many customers from all over the world participated and received a lot of attention, and this year, we will hold a test drive centered on eco-friendly vehicles to include the vision of sustainable Hyundai Motor.

If you subscribe to the Team Century Supporters newsletter after participating in the global test drive, 100 people (including one companion) who are selected through a lottery will be given a chance to participate in a tour package that includes tickets to the Qatar World Cup match, aviation, hotels, and guide tours. In Korea, it runs from August 1st to September 25th in connection with the test drive program held at Hyundai Motor’s Driving Lounge. Customers who want a test drive can apply for a test drive at Hyundai Motor’s website ( Domestic customers will receive benefits for a total of five minutes (including one companion), so please pay a lot of attention.

Hyundai Motor’s Goal of the Century Pledge

The next program to introduce is the Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge. Hyundai Motor, along with FIFA of the International Federation of Football Associations, will host the Hyundai Goal Of The Century Pledge, which is linked to the goal campaign message of the century, on FIFA’s official channel FIFA Plus website ( and mobile app from July 29 to September 30.

Hyundai Motor’s goal pledge program of the century is an event that encourages soccer fans to engage in eco-friendly activities. To participate in the event, you can present an eco-friendly pledge to fulfill if your country scores among the 32 countries that advanced to the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™ finals.

By the end of September, Hyundai Motor and FIFA will select 11 participants (including one companion) through a lottery and provide the winners with an opportunity to watch the national team’s match directly at the stadium, including aviation and hotels.

Even if you don’t win the opportunity, participants can receive campaign goods such as Steven Gerrard’s signature uniform through a lottery by fulfilling their eco-friendly pledges during the November-December World Cup, uploading them to SNS, and hashtags. Also, the team Century members will release videos of their participation in the Hyundai Goal of the Century Pledge sequentially, so please look forward to it.

Team Century Supporters

In addition, Hyundai Motor has unveiled a partnership with Common Goal, a non-profit soccer organization, and will donate 1% of FIFA donations and team Century members’ down payment and eco-friendly vehicles to Common Goal this year. Hyundai Motor will join forces with Common Goal to create a sustainable world that can be handed down to the next generation. Common Goal is a non-profit organization that seeks to solve social problems of the current era in solidarity with players, clubs, and brands through soccer, and was founded in 2017 when Juan Mata, a player of Manchester United in the English professional football league, promised to donate 1% of his salary.

If you want to join Hyundai Motor’s journey to create a sustainable world, you can get various news through joining Team Century Supporters. You can sign up for the supporters on Hyundai Motor’s global official website (, and supporters can receive a newsletter containing the goal campaign of the century, the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™, and the latest news from Team Century members.

Hyundai Motor will continue its journey to create a sustainable world until the end of the year when the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™ begins. Following Captain Steven Gerrard, BTS and seven previously unveiled team Century members, former South Korean national football captain Park Ji-sung and former Oman national football player Ali Al Habsi have joined the new team Century members. Park Ji-sung and Ali al-Habsi will actively promote the vision of the goal campaign of the century by serving as ambassadors for the domestic World Cup campaign and the World Cup campaign in Africa and the Middle East, respectively.

By the end of the year of the 2022 FIFA World Cup ™, detailed schedules of the century’s goal campaign, detailed activities by team Century members, and various customer engagement programs related to the FIFA World Cup will be released sequentially through supporters’ newsletter and Hyundai Motor’s website ( and Hyundai Motor’s Instagram (@about_hyundai). Please look forward to Hyundai Motor’s FIFA World Cup™ campaign and join us in our journey to a sustainable world!

The Best Hyundai Motor Company


One out of 10 cars sold in Europe in the first half of this year were from Hyundai Motor Group, the report showed. With the performance of other automakers generally sluggish due to supply and demand difficulties for automotive semiconductors, Hyundai Motor and Kia rather increased their sales, setting a semi-annual record in the European market, and their ranking also jumped to third place, beating Renault.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) on the 15th, Hyundai Motor Group sold a total of 556,369 units in Europe in the first half of this year. Hyundai Motor has 263,005 units and Kia 393,364 units.

Hyundai Motor Group’s sales rose 12.6 percent from the first half of last year. Hyundai Motor and Kia Motors increased 8.2 percent and 16.8 percent, respectively. In particular, sales in the first half of the year are the highest ever. The previous record was 555,062 units in the first half of 2018.

Hyundai Motor Group did well, but the European market in the first half of this year was 5,597,656 units, down 13.7 percent from the same period last year.

As a result, Hyundai Motor Group’s market share in Europe reached 9.9 percent, up 2.3 percentage points from the first half of last year. As a result, Hyundai Motor Group ranked third after Volkswagen Group (24.1%) and Stellantis (19.4%). Renault Group fell one notch to fourth place with 9.3 percent.

Hyundai Motor Group’s most sold vehicles were Kia Seed, a European strategic model, with 78,890 vehicles (48,594 in general and 32,96 in crossover utility vehicles). It was followed by 72,400 Kia Sportage, 63,242 Hyundai Motor Tucson, 43,680 Hyundai Motor Kona, and 42,593 Kia Niro.

77,975 electric vehicles were sold, up 39.6% from the same period last year. By car type, there were 22,889 Niro EVs, 18,385 Kona Electrics, 15,927 Kia EVs, and 514,801 IONICs.


Torres of Ssangyong Motor Co


Ssangyong Motor announced on the 8th that it will hold a month-long Torres exhibition event in each region across the country, including Starfield Hanam, the largest shopping mall in Korea. The exhibition event will run for a month from that day.

Starfield Hanam, which is frequented by citizens of the metropolitan area for outing and shopping, will hold an exhibition event until the 10th at the Devil’s Door Atrium.

The displayed Torres will be equipped with customized items useful for leisure and camping, such as roof flat carriers and roof crossbars, to show various lifestyles that can be used as Torres.

During the Starfield Hanam exhibition, visitors will be able to participate in a lucky number event together.

If you make SNS friends among visitors, you will be given a card with 30 numbers on it, and if you check five lucky numbers and match more than three numbers through a lottery, you will be given a hybrid tool canvas.

In addition, four cars, including Torres and New Rexton Sports Khan, will be exhibited at Chilgok-gun Sports Complex in Gyeongsangbuk-do, where the 2022 National Bicycle Competition will be held on the 10th, and various promotional souvenirs will be provided to visitors.

In addition, 23 locations nationwide, including Eunpyeong-gu (Lotte Mall), Yeouido (Digital Tower), Seongnam (Yuspei Square), Suwon (Home Plus), Icheon (Majang Nonghyup), Daejeon (Hanwha Time World), Gwangju (Yusquare), Gimhae (Lotte Outlet), Busan (Chilsung Shopping Street, Plus Mart), will hold an exhibition event until the 7th of next month.

“We are presenting Torres to customers through more than 200 Ssangyong dealerships nationwide,” a Ssangyong official said. “However, we will hold an exhibition event to make it easier and more comfortable to visit 23 places nationwide, including shopping malls with a large floating population.”